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Front-line, customer facing staff represent the values, character and brand of your business, in an increasingly customer centric and competitive environment these, often junior members of staff have an enormous responsibility to get it right, first time or that customer is lost, possibly forever!

Whether directly facing the customer in a retail or hospitality environment, remotely, in a contact centre, or handling administrative tasks; a professional, consistent customer centric approach in all activities is critical to gaining, retaining and growing business in a very competitive and fickle environment.

In response to this, Nebula Consultancy employs its ODL (Output Driven Learning) philosophy, which is common to all of our training programmes in designing and developing training solutions.

In the retail environment for instance, we work with our clients to define both the metrics and the measures that should be applied to deliver success, working from a current state, towards an improved future state, this approach and associated metrics may include:

1. The clear articulation of the declared brand values and customer experience

2. The definition and codification of a full set of universal staff competencies, capabilities, values and behaviours that reflect the brand promise and are able to deliver the declared customer experience.

a. This would include the levels of competencies that would be expected to be demonstrable at differing levels within the organisation, i.e. salesperson, section manager, sales manager, store manager

3. The development of a set of performance metrics that reflect the demonstration of the competencies and capabilities in the context of how they contribute to the main business metrics of the business, these may include:

a. Sales value per person / section / store / m2

b. Margin

c. Repeat business

d. Foot fall

e. Upselling and cross selling

f. Average spend per customer

g. Time per sale

h. Bonus sales such as extended warranties, store cards and loyalty schemes

From this point forward, the solution that we design and deliver will depend on whether it is to be delivered through an apprenticeship programme, or a client specific solution and also where it is delivered.  Our experienced delivery team appreciates that whilst ‘customer service’ always needs to be ‘excellent’ it is also geographically and culturally sensitive and this is taken into account when designing programmes.

Whether it is a Retail, Customer Service, Contact Centre or Back-Office solution, we will employ our proven and consistent approaches to deliver excellence in service, throughout your business.


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