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Business Leadership

Effective and inspirational leadership has always differentiated great businesses from the merely good, we firmly believe in this.

At the strategic and operational level, clear direction and effective implementation, from first-line management through to effective decision making in the Board Room define success.

Our programmes, certified by the ILM, are designed and delivered not only to build generic leadership and management capability, but also to address the specific issues and opportunities that confront your business, internally and externally that define your productivity and competitiveness.

Our experience has helped us to define key areas and points of ‘stress’ in the management ‘value-chain’ that stops businesses succeeding to their fullest. One of the most important and most overlooked is what would be classed as ‘first and second-line management’ operational implementation where great people have been promoted internally; but have not been supported in developing the management skills they need to succeed in their new roles.

The results can be dramatic and disheartening for all involved, leading to reduced productivity, low morale and little job satisfaction; taken to the extreme, leading to newly promoted team leaders or managers leaving the business: a great opportunity missed for all!

Nebula specialises in neutralising this potential for failure and ensuring your first and second-line management structure is equipped with the skills and capabilities to bind together the strategic with the operational and drive your business forward.

We are able to provide cognitive assessments of ‘future mangers’ you seek to promote or those already in the role; these can be contextualised in terms of personal characteristics and role specific requirements.

From short certified courses to fully accredited apprenticeships and degree apprenticeship, we will work with you to design the management development programmes that will make your company as great as it can be: both in terms of business success and a place to work.



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