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Innovation: a term used often, what it actually means is sometimes lost! At Nebula we firmly believe for a business, it is all about creating and delivering customer value, new forms of value and making it everyone’s responsibility.

It’s an organisational competence and culture; the ability of the business to harness the latent knowledge that lies within and combine it with the best that the world offers; to create customer value that is key to long-term business sustainability and growth. It is also a skills and competence that can be taught.

We believe in ‘Innovation as a Taught Discipline’; a discipline that is very necessary for success in the 21st Century

• However, ‘Innovation rarely just happens’ and innovation challenges can be many:

• How can I generate more new ideas for products & services?

• How can I solve my technical problems?

• What do my customers really want?

• How can I differentiate my products or offerings?

• Is my innovation meeting current market needs?

• Which idea will have the greatest impact?

• What are my funding and investment options? Creativity

• How can I mitigate the risk of innovation?

• How do I get my idea to market?

• How do I make an innovative mindset part of what we do around here?

• How do I sell into new markets?”


Innovation takes new ideas and makes them tangible, leading to economic, social or environmental breakthroughs.

With markets constantly moving, fuelled by newcomers, new ideas, shifting economics and tilting power balances. It’s the organisations that can adapt and embrace change who will inevitably win out, as stragglers and those shackled to the past fall by the wayside.

If improving the quality and effectiveness of innovation in your organisation is a priority for you, then contact us. We can support you to achieve measurable business benefits, embedding the innovation culture and the skills needed to deliver long-term competitive advantage.





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