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Productivity; the measure of effectiveness for adding value to ‘what comes in, to what goes out’ is as relevant for an individual as it is for global economies. It has and continues to underpin the evolution, with a few revolutions interspersed, of mankind.

Nebula’s core focus is improving the capacity and capability of people, business and economies to enhance the productive of each through training and people development.

The efficiency, repeatability and quality of products and services across all sectors turn great ideas into bottom-line profitability; delivers customer satisfaction, ensures repeat business and underpins long-term business relationships. While critical to success, many workforces to not practice a consistent approach to productivity.

The knowledge of people and the approach take individually and collectively, at all levels of the organisation are the single most important part of its ‘productivity engine’.

Delivered through recognised apprenticeship’s or a custom specific and situational programmes of workforce development; at Nebula we design and deliver vocational training that delivers long-term productivity benefits, including:

• Improving efficiency in the workplace

• Reducing costs in the workplace

• Increasing productivity in the workplace

• Improving quality in the workplace

• Improving staff retention

• Guaranteeing maximum return on your investment in human capital

• Delivering results that are quantifiable and measurable

• Making your Continuous Improvement strategy into a sustainable operational reality


Our approaches embraces the whole workforce, with particular focus on the team leader / first-line manager role – the critical point in making strategic intent and operational reality, that can be measured and has a direct monetary value.

At the core of programmes are the principals of ‘Lean Thinking’, ‘Standardised Work’ ‘Six Sigma’ and ‘Effective Leadership’.

We have optimised the delivery of the ‘Improving Operational Performance’ Apprenticeship pathways, Improvement Technician and Practitioner Apprenticeships and the Institute of Leadership and Managements qualifications to deliver a complete workforce ‘enhancing productivity’ solution.


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